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SWIMTAG is a new social swim training aid and monitoring system that tracks your progress in any Tees Active pool

Track your lengths, speed and strokes as you record each swim and beat your personal bests using SWIMTAG!

Track your swims, take part in challenges and have fun!



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SWIMTAG is amazing! I can track my swims easily and it pushes me to work harder, I regularly beat my personal bests!

Sharon, Norton

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Take part in Tees Active swim challenges easily. SWIMTAG will update your progress as you move along the map!


Competitions pitch you against other swimmers at your local pool or across the country, swim the set distance and stroke type and SWIMTAG will post your best time to the leaderboard.


Create a SWIMTAG goal to track a swim stat over a fixed time period, either a total or average value can be monitored to push yourself further in the pool.

Personal Bests

Setup a Personal Best for a specific stroke and distance and SWIMTAG will monitor your swims for a new PBs. You will be notified whenever a new time is set so you can keep tabs on your performance.

Training Plans

Choose to follow a training plan and let SWIMTAG keep track of your progress.

Swim Friends

Share your progress and see how your friends are progressing!

Take part in Tees Active swim competitions and challenges easily with SWIMTAG

You can find Tees Active’s active swim competitions and challenges on your home screen within your SWIMTAG account, on this webpage or in our venues!

We will be actively running a number of swim challenges throughout the year, as usual, but now you can easily take part and track your progress using SWIMTAG. Small competitions will also be available to take part in, where you can help your venue to become champion!


Venue Leaderboards


Derwentwater Swim Challenge

Individual Challenge

The Derwentwater is the 10th longest lake in the Lake District and is surrounded by a number of scenic hills (known locally as fells) including Cabfells and Walla Crag. Your swim starts at the south end of the lake, passing by St Herbert's Island, which sits in the centre of the lake, before heading North to the top end close to the town of Keswick.

You have from 25th October till 12th November to swim 4633m.

North Pole Swim Challenge

Individual Challenge

The small city of North Pole is situated to the South East of Fairbanks, Alaska. It was given the name in 1952 after the area was bought by a development company hoping to attract toy manufacturers.

Today the local post office receives hundreds and thousands of letters to Santa Claus each year and tourists flock to the area to visit Santa Claus House and the Arctic Bar.

Your challenge is to zig zag your way through the town, starting at Hotel North Pole, you'll swing by Santa Clause house (don't forget to wave to Santa as you pass), then past the city's three schools before head North, finishing up at North Pole plaza on Santa Claus Lane.

You will have from 19th November till 18th December to swim 4987m!

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