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Environmental & Sustainability

Tees Active’s aim is to achieve high standards of environmental practice throughout the operation of all our venues and is committed to the delivery of its services in an environmentally responsible manner by reducing the impact of its operations on the environment where possible. Our commitment covers all aspects of the organisations operations and is aligned to the Environmental & Sustainability Plan. We will identify the main environmental impacts of our activities and will endeavour to continually improve our environmental performance.

Performance in 2021/22…

In comparison to 2019/20 (Our last full operational year due to the Covid-19 pandemic)

Gas Consumption

Reduced gas consumption by 16%

Electricity Consumption

Reduced electricity consumption by 13%


Recycled 8.4 tonnes of cardboard, paper and plastics

Carbon Footprint

Reduced our carbon footprint by 417 CO2 tonnes (18%)

Printed Materials

We reduced our promotional and printed materials by 90%

Water Consumption

Our water consumption increased by 5%

Building a Sustainable Future Together

Building a sustainable future for our communities requires everyone to play their part and now is the time to take action. Our venues are large and and require lots of energy to power them on a daily basis. To drive positive change across our venues we have created a ‘Green Team’ this team will help to raise awareness, implement positive initiatives and inspire everyone to take responsibility for their actions.

Paul Bambrough

Thornaby Pavilion

Paulina Banaszek

IB Leisure

Andrew Carter

Thornaby Pool

Chris Gibbens

Tees Barrage Watersports Centre

Natalie Cormack

Stockton Splash

Matt Prosser

Billingham Forum

Pete Williamson

Head Office

Tees Active’s Environmental Plan

Tees Active’s Environmental Plan was launched in August 2022 to consolidate our intentions and commitment to adopting best practices across the organisation to reduce consumption and work towards a more sustainable future. This web page will be updated with all the latest news and developments from across the venues. We created a number of FAQs to highlight the ways we will be making changes across the organisation.

Green Mark Accreditation

Green Mark is an action-driven accreditation that creates an achievable and credible pathway to a sustainable business culture. Our commitment to the Green Mark accreditation will enable us to better understand our current environmental impacts in order to establish processes, monitor and benchmark performance and support a cultural understanding to enable continual improvement across the organisation.


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