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Access for All

Tees Active recognises its responsibilities in providing services at our facilities which are available and accessible to all irrespective of physical, intellectual or sensory ability to participate in their chosen activity. In order to achieve this, Tees Active is constantly reviewing how to improve all forms of access to its facilities and services, and is striving to demonstrate best practice in the management of our facilities, in the services we provide and towards the people we employ.

All Tees Active operated venues are DDA compliant and as a service provider, Tees Active not only want to comply with relevant legislation, but also to go further in providing a top quality experience for all visitors. We will endeavour to ensure that anyone with a disability is not treated any less favourably, and that ‘reasonable adjustments’ are made where appropriate and possible through sensitive and creative solutions.

Whilst Tees Active employees are unable to provide individual lifting assistance we are able to provide a range of other services.

“We want to provide the most accessible service we can and will work with each individual to ensure they are supported to visit and enjoy our venues.”

Wheelchair Accessible

All of our venues are wheelchair friendly and have lifts to activity areas.

Dementia Friends

Our staff are trained and proud to be Dementia Friendly.

Shower & Changing Facilities

All of our venues offer accessible shower and changing facilities.

Sign Language

We have a number of staff who can sign. Please contact us before your visit to see if we can assist.

Carers Assist Free

Carers can access our facilities for free when assisting or receive discount on activity prices when participating.

Hearing Aid Loop

All venues have a hearing aid loop system installed.

All our swimming pools can be accessed via a fixed or mobile hoist

Speak to a Venue

Accessible Sessions

We have a number of tailored sessions across our venues for visitors to enjoy. These sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of various user groups and aim to encourage and support everyone to enjoy the benefits of keeping active and having fun.

“Sessions show everyone, no matter their ability, that they can enjoy everyday activities just like everyone else”

Ruth Benson – SNAPS

Health & Fitness for everyone

All of our fitness clubs are fully accessible by wheelchair users and have accessible toilet and shower facilities. Our friendly health advisors can also tailor a suitable exercise plan to incorporate equipment that can be quickly reconfigured to suit individual needs. Carers can accompany individuals in the gym and we will work with you to make sure you get the most from your experience with us. Please contact one of our venues and our team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Hand Bikes

We have a number of stations that can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Carers Assistance

Carers can visit our fitness clubs for free to assist gym users where required.

Tailored Workouts

Our friendly and experienced fitness team can provide a bespoke workout plan suited to individual needs.

Indoor Bowls

Indoor Bowls is a very accessible and sociable sport that anyone can enjoy

Bowling Arms

Extendable arms support bowlers who need to maintain a more upright position

Wheelchair Friendly

We can provide access to a manually operated bowls wheelchair

Bowls and Jack Lifter

An easy to use device to pick up and retrieve the bowls and jack

Walking Stick Ferrules

We can provide walking stick ferrules to prevent damage to the bowling green

Bowls and Shoe Hire

We can provide bowls and the appropriate footwear needed to access the green

Easy Access

Thornaby Pavilion can be accessed via a gentle sloping wheelchair ramp

Knowing the Environment

Tees Active operates alongside Partner For Change to provide a completely accessible and compliant service for all of our customers. We have identified all of the sensory elements across our venues that will help you to plan your visit.

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