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Working in partnership with local schools Tees Active delivers fantastic school swimming programmes that are designed to help schools achieve the National Curriculum Standard for Key Stage 2 attainment target. We work with children of all ages to offer them a comprehensive programme of learning which can feed into further opportunities in the water outside of the school environment.

Tees Active provides an intensive 10 day model. The concept of students attending for 10 consecutive days (the intensive model) meets the objectives set out in the Swim England ‘Towards a Nation Swimming’ 2017-2021 strategic plan.

All Tees Active teachers are, Swim England Level two qualified, hold a current Disclosure and Barring Service check, attended safeguarding training as well as regular refresher training and update their training in the form of Continuous Professional Development sessions, internal workshops and teacher observations for continuous improvements/development.

“The Tees Active intensive model has supported behaviour change and produced strong outcomes

Intense Model

Our scheme offers an intense 10 day model to develop skills, as it is found to be more beneficial this way.


Progress is the ultimate priority throughout the duration and we continually monitor this.

Data Tracking

Data is recorded on all swimmers to track progress and development throughout the course.


Teachers have reported a significant growth in student confidence and development.

Experienced Coaches

All our coaches are Swim England Level 2 qualified and attend regular safeguarding training and refresher courses.


Tees Active arranges all transport to and from the venues.

“Each child will receive a complimentary swim voucher on completion of their 25m, as well as certificates throughout the course to offer motivation and encouragement

Did you know?

23% of children leave primary school unable to swim 25m, which is the requirement for Key Stage 2

“The children responded far better to the intensive model, as it helped them to focus more being over a shorter period.”

Diane – Stockton

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