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Aimee Willmott Swim Skills

Willmott Swim Skills brings the experience, dedication, talent and passion of Commonwealth Gold medallist, Aimee Willmott, to swimming pools across Stockton-on-Tees. As Tees Active’s Learn to Swim Ambassador, Aimee is committed to giving back to the people of Teesside by delivering elite-level coaching and expert advice alongside her father, Stuart Willmott. Alongside Stuart, who also competed at the 1984 Olympic Games in LA, Aimee’s swim clinics provide a unique opportunity for swimmers to develop their skills and learn from one of the best swimmers in the world right now.

In her own words…”From my success over the years I’ve had the opportunity to train with different programmes, work with different high-level coaches and in doing so I have learnt lots about the sport I love along the way. Now it’s my time to give back and share my love and passion for the sport through Willmott Swim Skills.”

The swim clinics are held throughout the year across Tees Active swimming pools. Please keep checking the page or follow us on social media for the next release.

At Willmott Swim Clinics we deliver elite-level coaching and expert advice to develop swimmers skills and technique

Individual Medley Focus

Technical skill and drill delivery on all 4 strokes aimed towards medley swimming.

Technique & Efficiency

In depth knowledge and demonstrations of advanced skills and drills to enhance a specific stroke.

Dive Starts & Turn Drills

Step by step breakdown of each turn: approach into the wall, rotation and push off.

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Video Gallery

As a proud Teessider, Aimee is passionate about swimming and believes in the power of swimming to improve the health and wellbeing of communities in our area. Willmott Swim Skills is dedicated to promoting swimming across the region and helping young people to achieve their goals. Watch the videos below to find out more about Aimee’s partnership with Tees Active.

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