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Last week, one of Tees Active’s pool lifeguards, Cameron Chapman, demonstrated heroics as he called upon his lifeguard training to assist a young person who was struggling in the River Tees. Cameron was walking with his girlfriend when they noticed a young man struggling in the water at a local hotspot and didn’t hesitate to dive in and guide him to safety. Luckily Cameron was in the right place at the right time and has the skills and training to act in a situation like this, but things could have played out very differently.

Cameron said, “It can be tempting to swim in rivers and lakes when it is so hot over the summer but there are lots of dangers and conditions can change quickly. Hopefully by raising awareness of water safety as much as we can it will help to avoid situations like this arising. I’m just glad I was there and able to help out.”

Water safety is so important particularly at this time of the year – for useful information and safety tips please visit the RNLI website on the link below.

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